Dynamics and the seventh note

During the process of change that I am undergoing, I feel more and more that even though he is experienced in me first as private, it is actually part of a broader dynamic that takes place around us.

It is presumptuous and impossible to me, to define this dynamic clearly and, of course, there is no way to prove its existence, but many of the people close to me and others describe events and dramatic steps that take place at this time in their lives.

My feeling is ‘tsunami’, In other words, in my experience, this is a gradual process, which started when it was ‘small’ in the past and is growing stronger.

I believe that we have two options – one, to ride this wave as it rises, and the second, let it pass over us. For me, the first option is preferable, that is, to move with this ‘tailwind’ and devote myself to it…

One of the insights I had about the peak of this tsunami is, that it can be also related to the ‘seventh note frequency’ of the Major and the Minor musical scales. That is, on any musical scale of these kinds has seven basic notes, when the seventh note is the one that creates tension and discomfort, towards the first note that would follow it again, but at a higher octave, which will bring comfort and peace.

And once again, the music became an exact mirror for me (and I believe not only for me) to these vast and huge processes that we are all, in any case, part of them…