As a result of the elevated experiences I’ve been through in the new space in which I live, I have researched and found beautiful sound connections between the Hebrew language, which is dear to me and my favorite of all the languages my ears have heard so far, and between English.

The word: ‘Hila’ in Hebrew has several translations, including the familiar and well-known word: ‘Aura’, and also the word: ‘Corona’.

Beyond the relevance of the last translation to what is happening around, I’ve been moved by the phonetic closeness between the word ‘Or’ – ‘Light’ in Hebrew – and the word: ‘Aura’, and between the words: ‘Keren’, ‘Karnayim’, ‘Krina’ – ‘Beam’, ‘Rays’, ‘Radiation’ in Hebrew  – (after all, the Aura is the projection of the thing it encircles) and between the word: ‘Corona’.

One can say that maybe Covid 19 is called Corona, since it has ‘good’ and ‘bad’ hidden meanings … Maybe its role is to air , to make room for new light, for the rays of the cosmos, the divinity, the Source, to fill the voids created by human thinning… Maybe it is related, as the followers of conspiracies will say, to a new technological radiation power that is being built exactly in these moments around the world (G5), which I hope will also enable faster and higher-quality energetic communication over the distance, who knows?

Anyway, these rays might be for me, the Cornucopia (‘keren’ in Hebrew is also ‘Horn’) – the rays of abundance, the rays of light and the heat of the sun, a radiation that releases free movement without limits of time and space … I wish!