The Body as a Tool

Rhythm, Voice and Word workshop


A musical experience that does not require prior experience or knowledge, and uses only the body as a tool for generating rhythm, sound and word. The activity takes place in a circle or in several circles and includes three stages.



Stage 1: rhythm – The participants will experience listening to the heartbeat, using them as a basis for possible rhythms, and create various sounds by drumming on the various body parts.

  • Example: Drumming on an 'impermeable' organ, like a leg, in front of a 'hollow' organ, like cheeks

Stage 2: Sound - The participants will recognize the resonant cavities existing in our bodies (short explanation), experience sound production of different types through these cavities, and integrate them with the rhythms they created.

  • Example: Producing sound from the forehead cavity (high tones) and chest cavity (low tones.(

Step 3: Word - The participants will make a round of words, choose one word or combination of them and combine them as repetitive text within the melody they created using voice and rhythm.

  • Example: The word 'love' or the combination: 'sounds of the desert' that are sung and recited in different intensities, heights and rhythms.

At the end of the workshop, the participants will sing and recite together the music they created ...


What the participants told about the workshop:

" I did not believe I could drum and sing like that, I always thought I could not ... The workshop helped me understand that anyone can create music" Asher Swisa

"I always wanted to allow myself to make music, it was a liberating, exciting and empowering experience, I felt I was not alone" Ruth Ben-Ari


About The moderator:

Musician, Poet, Teacher, Guide, Workshops moderator, Consultant and Therapist in the fields of Music and Spirit for 30 years.


Length of the workshop - up to an hour and a half

The number of participants - up to 50 people




Sessions of spiritual study, guidance, therapy and counseling,

for Individuals, couples and groups through:


Tarot cards


Indian cards


Restoration of incarnations




The moderator:

Teacher, Guide, Workshops moderator, Consultant, Therapist, Musician and Poet in the fields of Music and Spirit for 30 years.

In the fields of music and the spirit for 30 years.


The length of the meeting - up to an hour and a half

The number of participants in the learning and training session - 7 to 15 people

The number of participants in the counseling and treatment meeting - individuals, couples and families