Mysticism for me is the ability to see the hidden, what does not exist on the surface, what is inside, below, above and in between.

In my experience, this is a human and natural ability, which is not 'larger than life', but rather allows us to live 'at eye level' out of a free choice to go the way we were meant to, opens doors, and releases barriers and fears.

There are many tools that serve the mystical space that can be used to make it a supportive, empowering, practical and one that makes existence here, in the world, of a higher quality and more whole, including: tarot cards, channeling, numerology, healing, Native American cards, runes and more.

I find tarot cards a particularly effective tool that suitable for every soul, and helps decipher human situations at many levels and frequencies, showing directions, opening options, identifying blockages and proposing solutions.